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Those who wish to work as mentors and elders have to keep one eye on the youth and another on conditions in the village.

Michael Meade | Elder and storyteller



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Multiple Submission Options


  • A written story (real or fictional), reflection, reminiscence or essay

  • A relevant poem

  • Photos

  • A recorded statement

  • (If necessary, you can arrange for a phone interview)


We are not looking for perfection.  Your experience as a functioning Queer elder is all we need — with its light and dark aspects, successes and failures, hopes and defeats.  We are looking for all kinds of Gay and Queer elders, in whatever form that takes.


Your eldering does not need to be epic in scale.  Perhaps one-on-one works best for you.  Or maybe you offer your talents and wisdom in a community setting.  We’re also open to “think pieces” on the subject.


Young Gay and Queer men:  What has been YOUR experience interacting with Gay and Queer elders?  What are you looking for in an elder?  In what ways have you found it?  In what ways has the experience fallen short?


Your online eldering experiences would also be interesting, perhaps even through various Gay intergenerational sites, like SilverDaddies and DaddyHunt.  What do those names mean to you?

Trouble Getting Started?

Here are some questions you might want to think about.  They might get your thought process going:


  • Have you mentored members of the Gay or Queer younger generation?  How did those experiences happen?  Did younger people seek you out for guidance?  Did you seek them out? 


  • What have you been able to offer young Gay and Queer men?  What do you wish you could offer? 


  • Do you offer your wisdom and talents or do you wait to be asked?


  • Have young Gay or Queer men ever turned to you as an older archetype – for example, a father, grandfather, uncle or big-brother figure?


  • What meaningful intergenerational Gay or Queer friendships or other relationships do you have or have you had?

  • What kind of eldering did you have as a younger man?  What kind do you WISH you had?


  • What would you like to tell your younger self?


  • What elders or ancestors do you take with you in your consciousness as you move through your Third Act?  How do you honor them? 


  • Do you have reluctance to identify as an elder?  Do you feel it is an honored role or a stigma?


  • What are some of the dangers or pitfalls in intergenerational mentoring relationships and friendships?  How about intergenerational romantic relationships? 

If you are in doubt or questioning, contact us. 

We would be very open to dialogue with you regarding a submission.  Many times Gay and Queer men are doing eldering without knowing it.  Or there is a gay elder within you struggling to come out and just needs a little brotherly midwifing. 

Let’s talk if need be.

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No need to dazzle anyone!  You learned that rule in high school!   Just tell the story of your eldering work or being an elder-in-waiting.  Or as a young man needing an elder.  Add as much soul-making, heart-felt seasoning, and detail as is needed.


You can simply send your submission to this email address:



You might be a talker rather than a writer.  We want to hear about your

eldering activities.  Do your recording (even on your phone), simply  email to



Perhaps you would like to be interviewed regarding your role as a gay elder and have your interview transcribed for publication.  You might prefer to be interviewed by another elder, a youth, or someone in between.  Do you have an age preference for your interviewer?  Contact us if this option interests you at



Poems are welcome! It’s best if they are relevant to the topic of Gay and Queer elder, eldering in general, being an Elder-in-Waiting, or intergenerational consciousness and experiences.


You can simply send your submission to this email address:



These work best if they are somehow Gay-centered and if they tell the Gay or Queer eldering story in a way that saves us a thousand words.

You can simply send your submission to this email address:


Other formats? 

We’re open to them!  Get in touch are we’ll discuss!