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If elders are lost, adults will be lost;

if adults are lost, youth will be lost.

African wisdom saying



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As the train pulls out of the station, here are the three original passengers:

Don Kilhefner, Ph.D., 82

Dr. Don Kilhefner is a pioneer Gay Liberationist who has been a gay community organizer continuously for over 50 years in Los Angeles and nationally.  In 1971, Don co-founded (with Morris Kight) the Gay Community Services Center in Los Angeles (now the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the world’s largest organization of its kind).  In 1979, he and Harry Hay were founders of the Radical Faeries.  Don, who is based in Los Angeles, is also engaged in Jungian depth psychology, shamanism and eldering.  He is the organizer and project manager of the book.

Christopher Phillips, 69

Christopher Phillips is a former editor at The New York Times.  He has been active in the gay movement since 1969, when he was a founding member of the first Gay organization at Yale University.  He currently has an online English-language teaching practice (  You can find out more about him in the online autobiographical “Finding Aid” to his archives, the Christopher Phillips Papers, in the Yale University Library.  He will be working with contributors to edit their submissions

Justin Oberts, 27

Justin Oberts is a multimedia and entertainment specialist covering a wide range of projects from websites/application development, live events, marketing campaigns. He currently is in the process of launching his own media website (, exploring human revolution and innovation. Justin resides in Los Angeles, where he lives with his intergenerational partner and studies wellness, transformational practices and spirituality. He is the website developer and a co-organizer for the book. 

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It Takes a Village

Our intention in facilitating the manifestation of Becoming A Queer Elder is to make its creation as collective and intergenerational as possible.   Making this book happen is our gift, collectively, to the well-being of the Gay/Queer global village.

Currently, a small and growing intergenerational community of gay/queer men is forming around this groundbreaking project—August Bernadicou, Frank Rodriguez, Chris Coats,

Leo Ramsey, Danny Battista, Greg Wachs, Chase Lasken, Matt Goldman, Justin Oberts, 

Christopher Phillips and Don Kilhefner. 


We need:

  • Journalists

  • Social media experts

  • Publicists

  • Influencers

  • People who can spread out call for submissions as widely as possible, especially globally!